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After waiting too long, the latest pc tech news says that Xbox Elite controller series 2 is finally here. The elite controller series 2 is almost the same as the first one that was released in 2015. In 2017, it was announced the launching but it took 2 years for this product to be on the market. The only difference between them is that Elite controller series 2 has three position locks and the previous one-two. The biggest change that was made about this product is that now it is a proper wireless device. You can use this controller for any game genre. No matter if you play racing, shooters, or platformers, this controller is the perfect device. We also tried it for playing casino games from our couch, and it worked like a charm. Before you critique us, we recommend that you take a no deposit casino bonus from this link and try your favorite casino game with Xbox Elite. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Every PC gamer would like to have one, even though the old one lasts for years.

What if you can build a gaming computer for under 1000$? It will be an awesome opportunity, for sure. Well, this pc tech news provides you why building your computer is better than buying the pre-built one. Building your computer can provide you better quality for less money. This is the main reason why this way is better than buying it. Not everyone wants to build it because the world considers that is very hard doing it. Nowadays is not even hard to build it because of the many websites that provide you information on how to build it right. Here we provide you some pc components that can help you to build the best computer for under 1000$:

  • Beautiful case. If you are a pc lover, you will surely want your case to look good and modern. Corsair Carbide Spec 02 is the mid-tower case with a side panel window, 2 stock fans, and great airflow. You can find this case online and less costly than the actual cases.

  • CPU-Intel i5 9400F. For now, it has one of the best CPU’s prices. It is a less expensive and perfect match for your pc building. There are many other better CPUs for gaming, but it is necessary for wasting too much money on those when this one is enough.

  • Corsair CX 550M Semi-Modular PSU is a power supply that many think it is a less important component. PSU power supply is very important in the computer building. Due to this fan power, your computer will keep normal temperatures and keep the noise down.

  • The most important part of the computer is the video card. GTX 2060 6GB is quite good and you can use it instead of wasting more money on others. This video card can handle any game from 2018 and beyond. Inside of it, there is Icestorm 2.0 technology that provides the computer low temperature.

  • MSI Z390-A PRO DDR4 is a gaming motherboard that has many BIOS features and it is a very good piece of building your computer.

  • 16 GB’s of RAM is quite enough for your pc to work properly without slowing your internet tabs so we recommend you Vengeance LPX Series 16 GB (2 X 8GB ).

  • Seagate Firecuda 1TB is a solid hard drive that will allow you to have enough space for the beginning. In the future, you can upgrade it getting some new version that is not costly.

  • SSD is also an important part but not necessary. It can be beneficial if you want to use it for your pc gaming to be faster.

You can check other pc tech news that will help improve your pc building with some new things that you might want to know.

The Bright Future of Virtual Reality

The virtual reality industry continues to grow, especially in 2019, according to some pc tech news. Oculus Guest that is Facebook’s standalone headset has become the biggest interest this year. These headsets represent the immersive ecosystem of a paradigm shift. Now there is a mobile platform good enough to allow the compelling experience of the users. It is not just this category that is making a progress but also according to tech pc news Nintendo released Virtual reality kit for Nintendo switch so allows the games to play Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Some tech pc news says that even Playstation’s headsets are also part of the virtual reality now. Instead of buying a Playstation4, you can go and buy PlayStation virtual reality. It has reached the sales on the market. Even the online gambling industry has caught up to the VR gaming trend, and nowadays, more and more augmented reality casino games appear regularly on online casinos. To learn more about the best gaming software developers, their current and future projects. Virtual reality is real and is here to stay. As the years come, it is much better and better and provides the gaming better quality and gamer excitement.

Best Free Games of 2019

There are many games that you can play, but not all of them are free. The best free games of 2019 according to some pc tech news are:

  • Warframe
  • PUBG mobile
  • World of tanks
  • Fortnite: battle royale
  • World of warship
  • Apex legends
  • War thunder
  • H1Z1
  • Let it die
  • Killer Instinct

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