Using ScanDisk to check for and fix errors on your hard drive has been available as an option
in System Tools in Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME. Clicking on Start, Programs, Accessories and then on System Tools brought up a list of options that included the ScanDisk utility. Microsoft did not
include the ScanDisk utility in XP. Instead, you can use XP’s Check Disk utility. This is not the
Check Disk utility that was available as a DOS utility. Here’s how to run it.

Click on Start and open My Computer.
Right-click on the drive you want to check and click Properties.
Click on the Tools tab, and in the Error-checking section click on Check Now.
You can run the Check Disk utility by clicking on Start.

There are two options presented in the Check Disk window. The first automatically fixes file system
errors and the second scans for bad sectors on your disk and attempts to recover and repair them. You can  turn either of these options on or off by clicking in  the box that appears to the left of an option, creating or removing a check mark.

If you select the option that automatically fixes file system errors on the drive that is currently running,
XP will display a dialog box asking if you wan to run the Check Disk utility the next time you start Windows. Click on OK and the utility will run at the next startup.

If Windows experiences an illegal shutdown, Check Disk will run at the next startup just like ScanDisk does on earlier versions of Windows.