General meeting this month will be on the 3rd Thursday, August  17th at Round Table Pizza.

 3848 McHenry Ave # 145, Modesto, CA,
 in the Walmart Shopping Center

 Dinner 6:00 PM
General Meeting 6:30 PM
 Q&A - Raffle
Evening Program

*Purchase of dinner is optional, but defers the cost to use the facility.

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The Modesto PC User's Group (MPCUG) was founded in 1982 and in 2017 celebrated its 35th year. The MPCUG provides an opportunity for users of "IBM compatible" computers to meet and share information, expertise and ideas on the subject of computers in relation to our everyday use. 

But most
importantly, the MPCUG exists for the sole purpose of users helping each other, thus our motto,  "User Helping User."

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